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If you are in the business of manufacturing, moving, shipping, or carrying hazardous materials, your employees, drivers, machine operators, and all safety-sensitive position holders will benefit from these courses. Also, all of our courses meet the function-specific requirements that have been laid down by the authorities as per 49 CFR 172.704(a)(2)(i).

Understand The Course Outline

The online testing system/module is available 24/7

HAZMAT Courses You Can Enroll In

  • DOT HAZMAT General Awareness Training / Function Specific (10 Hrs)
  • DOT HAZMAT Hazard Classes & Divisions
  • DOT HAZMAT Shipping Papers
  • DOT HAZMAT Packaging
  • DOT HAZMAT Marking
  • DOT HAZMAT General Awareness Training / Basic (4 Hrs)
  • DOT HAZMAT Security Awareness
  • DOT HAZMAT Labeling
  • DOT HAZMAT Shipping Batteries
  • DOT HAZMAT Placarding
  • DOT HAZMAT Using the Hazmat Table
  • DOT HAZMAT Highway Carrier Requirements
  • DOT HAZMAT Vessel Carrier Requirements
  • DOT Reasonable Suspicion for Supervisors
  • DOT HAZMAT Air/IATA Carrier Requirements
  • DOT HAZMAT Rail Carrier Requirements


The courses are designed by industry experts, IT professionals, experienced drivers, and vetted professionals in the transport industry. There are downloadable files and ebooks available for your reference. You can be enrolled in the most interactive, engaging, and highest quality training for hazmat placarding available on the internet with DOT Compliance Group HAZMAT Training


Course Outline

The course outline is very easy to understand. The online training system will consist of 6 sections primarily. You can also include interactive quizzes and multiple-choice questions that are not only engaging but keep your employees thinking actively.


The course is going to include 10 questions in the final exam. All questions are randomly compiled and sourced from a large collection of possible questions. The candidate is expected to score at least 70% or higher to pass. If he or she does not pass the exam, a re-examination may be carried out.


The online testing system/module we have is available 24/7 and once purchased can be used anytime over a year period. It is easy to administer and includes secure online tests. The training material you receive access to is easy to understand and updated frequently adhering to the newest rules and regulations laid down by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the US Department Of Transportation (USDOT).

After completing the course, you can download and then save or print your certification. It will be provided to you in PDF format. You can also have it emailed to your registered email ID. This certificate is available within 24 hours of the completion of your course

Accreditation That You Can Rely On

The peace of mind that we bring to you is unparalleled because each of our courses and every single one of the modules are designed by certified trainers from all over the country. All courses meet the requirements for 49 CFR 172.704(a)(2)(i) and this makes it even easier for you to rely on our educational modules.

After completing this course, your employees and associates actively involved in hazmat placarding will be able to:

  • Understand and implement placarding requirements every day at the workplace without any assistance
  • Easily identify the various hazards that are displayed on placards and other labels
  • Know exactly where they are required to place placards on hazardous materials
  • Identify all the exceptions related to placarding requirements at various stages of material handling
  • Understand different placard designs and critical visibility requirements that must be fulfilled

* It is not recommended to take hazardous materials placarding lightly. If it is one of the most critical business functions that you perform more frequently than others, these courses are going to keep you operational, safe, and 100% compliant, therefore keeping you and your business on the road. This promotion of Half off has no limit to the licensing purchased regarding seats. This promotion is valid From March 1st to March 31st, 2023, and can not be combined with any other offer.

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